Humans are social & sensing living beings where traveling for leisure and business is an integral part of our lifestyles. As Malaysia is facing the pandemic challenge alongside with the rest of the world, we believe that Government & Private Sectors Tourism KPIs can be achieved through different and creative approaches.

This vision is what drives our objective to create a platform to boost the Malaysian tourism economy as well as to develop sustainable methods for businesses to continue to thrive even during tough times; thus enabling travelers and guests to continue exploring their favorite leisure destinations and tours at great values domestically across this beautiful land and country.


Virtual Expo of 2D & 3D: “Visit Malaysia (Domestic and Inbound)”
2D Virtual Expo: Easy to navigate, Instant access, Can open 3D virtual expo.
3D Virtual Expo: Virtual reality experience, Can jump to 2D virtual booths.

B2B Pre-Event: Creating attractive promotion packages
1. Business Matching - For Hotels, Attractions, Travel agencies
2. Promotion Packages By Travel Agencies - FIT, Group Target local market Packaged with travel passes, insurance, guidelines, etc.


Travel Agencies: Invites local prospects from their country and market.

Social Media
1. Exhibitor Media - Offer promotion packages
2. GoMyExpo Media - Super Discount Promo

Search & Directories: SEM

Games & Referrals: Invite friends, Points, Rewards, Mega prizes


2-Day B2C Event
11 November 2022 (Friday): Weekday visitors
12 November 2022 (Saturday): Weekend visitors Mega prize draws

Live Chat: See who is online, chat with visitors.

Video Virtual Booth: Engage visitors with video conferences.

In-Event Engagement
Virtual Booth Contents:
1. Exhibitors Information - Company Profile & Contact Information
2. Promotion Packages


Spurs Malaysian economy in line with Tourism Ministry & Authorities blueprint on Domestic Tourism

Creates local talents and job opportunities through the hybrid transformation of physical event to virtual event, upskilling digital knowledge and to create best hybrid events.

Creates business opportunity to help tourism industry players to generate income during this challenging season.

Aims to digitalize Malaysia tourism industry and develop Malaysia as the GO-TO virtual travel hub of South-East Asia.

Data Analysis for future domestic tourism.