From Travel Industry
1. Travel Agencies
2. Hoteliers
3. Resorts
4. Attractions / Theme Parks
5. Transportation (Airlines, Cruise, Coaches)

Travel Related Public Agencies
1. State Tourism Offices
2. National Tourism Organisations

Travel Related Business
1. Restaurant
2. Events & Conferences
3. Health & Wellness
4. Souvenirs & Curiosities
5. Telcos
6. Portable WIFI/IT Gadget
7. Technologies / Start-up (Super App)

Type Of Travel
1. Tourism Services
2. Medical Tourism
3. Agro Tourism
4. Adventure Tourism & Recreation


Business as Usual
Its B.A.U as we find new ways to explore opportunities

Live Network with Buyers
The event is never dry. There is always access to human touch through Live chat, Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook.

Super Discount Vouchers
Great Deals SDVs are featured to entice participation and closing deals.

Brand Awareness
Keeping your company profile in active mode during this pandemic era.

Post Event Interactions
One of a kind!! Buyers and sellers are still able to connect through platform settings for continuous interactions.

Cross Border Exposure
Advertise your brands without border limitations. This will greatly enhance future Networking after Green Bubble easing travel restrictions.

Free Tokens
What better way to reward your existing customers with unique-coded e-tokens to take up your offers.